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Gothic Swing Coat by Sew-it-all Gothic Swing Coat :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 1 Glittery Badass Punk Unicorn by Sew-it-all Glittery Badass Punk Unicorn :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Spider-Punk Jacket  by Sew-it-all Spider-Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 1 1 Avengers Jacket!  by Sew-it-all Avengers Jacket! :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Deadpool Black Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Deadpool Black Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 2 1 Sweet Fang Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Sweet Fang Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Professor Snape Punk Blazer by Sew-it-all Professor Snape Punk Blazer :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Leader of a Magical Girl Gang  by Sew-it-all Leader of a Magical Girl Gang :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 1 0 Taking It To My Grave punk jacket  by Sew-it-all Taking It To My Grave punk jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 4 0 Stranger Things Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Stranger Things Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 3 1 Wold among Lilies Punk Jacket  by Sew-it-all Wold among Lilies Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 3 0 Bad Wolf Rose Jacket by Sew-it-all Bad Wolf Rose Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 1 0 Rebel Child Punk Jacket  by Sew-it-all Rebel Child Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Mario Players Punk Vest by Sew-it-all Mario Players Punk Vest :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 0 Jasper Punk Jacket by Sew-it-all Jasper Punk Jacket :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 0 3 Lucio Punk Blazer by Sew-it-all Lucio Punk Blazer :iconsew-it-all:Sew-it-all 2 0


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Gothic Swing Coat
this black denim jacket cut in the swing coat Style, has dark red buttons decorating the top chest part. Red diamond studs accent the front pockets, around the wrists, and the waist bands.

The back of it I decorated with this cotton skull and Rose Gothic themed material to Accent the back seam line.
Glittery Badass Punk Unicorn
This great Peach denim jacket I decorated with alternating studs and spikes across the shoulders and around the Cuffs of the wrist. On the bacchae hand-painted a unicorn skull with a coat of fine glittery paint over it. And hot pink glitter paint I have the words "glittery badass".
I just really wanted to test out this image and I am extremely happy with it! Another one of a kind piece from my company.
Spider-Punk Jacket
This one-of-a-kind dark blue denim jacket has been specialty splatter red died along the themes of everyone's favorite web head! With a t-shirt patch on the Back featuring Spider-Man swinging over New York. I also added a Ramones patch in honor of their fantastic cover they did of the Spider-Man theme song. Encircling both are some delightful silver studs.

I added the Punisher patch because his first appearance was in the Spider-Man comic books. Just a little touch for some of those hardcore fans that I know we're out there.

Finished off with a pair of Marvel and Spider-Man buttons this is a great and unique punk piece!
Avengers Jacket!
This extra large gray jacket has a t-shirt patch on the Back featuring some of Marvel's Mightiest Heroes! It also has triangle silver studs and circling it. On the sleeve is a patch featuring Sam Wilson Captain America. On the front pocket is an additional onamonapia patch.

A Thor and a Captain America button top off this cute jacket.
Deadpool Black Punk Jacket
On a heavy duty cotton jacket this black material features a t-shirt patch on the back. CHIMICHANGAS AND TACOS featuring Deadpool. I also added a few buttons to give it a more personalized touch. Because of the stretch material involved in the cotton jacket I did not add any studs.
Okay, creating items in mass production can sometimes become a little stale. Making the same thing over and over again can lead to some serious mental fatigue.
So how do I challenge myself? It has to be something that has a deadline. Something that has a finishing point. Something that will help me develop new skills and push me forward.
Thus, the Pokemon hats challenge is born!
At ANIME ST.LOUIS this year I will be raffling off ALL Gen 1 as hats! Plus a few others.... Anyway, all money goes to charity.
I know that there are a lot of people who create Pokemon hats as well, but I always wondered which Pokémon really is the most popular? I've seen a lot of people go crazy for specific types like ghosts, bug, or fire types. And then I hear them complaining about how there is so little merchandise for their favorite character. I'm hoping to be really surprised at the results. And help some to get their not-so-easy-to-acquire favorite.  
There are so many different colors, shapes, and touches to be done. I am truly going to try and create them in my own style, while remaining true to the theme. But I am well on my way!!!
Wish me luck!!!!


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Professional seamstress bring high quality items inspired by the fans, directly to the fans! Coming to comic, anime, and tatto shows near you!


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